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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Prices starts from: £150

At Dr. Rasha’s Clinic in London, our Anti-Wrinkle Treatments provide the ultimate solution for achieving naturally smooth, youthful skin. These treatments are highly sought after for their multitude of benefits, with a common goal of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Gummy Smile Treatment

Prices starts from: £150

Discover the power of Gummy Smile Injections at Dr. Rasha Clinic in London, conveniently located in Mayfair and Knightsbridge. Our non-surgical approach effectively reduces excessive gum exposure, enhancing the aesthetics of your smile. This minimally invasive procedure ensures a swift and virtually painless transformation, without the need for incisions or extended recovery periods.

Dermal Fillers

Prices starts from: £400

At Dr. Rasha Clinic in the heart of London’s Mayfair and Knightsbridge, we specialize in the art of dermal fillers. Our renowned practitioners, Dr. Rasha and Dr Sara, are celebrated for their expertise in achieving a harmonious and natural look. Ensuring that every treatment is customized to enhance each patient’s unique features with precise volume and subtlety.


Prices starts from: £1200

We introduce you to the dynamic duo of skin rejuvenation: Broadband Light (BBL) and Moxi. Our BBL treatment harnesses the power of cutting-edge light-based technology to rejuvenate your skin, while Moxi, a gentle yet highly effective laser treatment, complements BBL in achieving remarkable results.

Neogen Plasma

Prices starts from: £1200

Embark on a journey to youthful, revitalized skin with the Neogen Plasma treatment at Dr. Rasha’s Clinic in London. This revolutionary system targets the signs of aging, providing a non-invasive solution for a fresher and firmer appearance. Known for its unique ability to generate new skin, Neogen Plasma delivers remarkable, long-lasting results, addressing fine lines, sun damage, and photo-damaged skin with ongoing enhancements for up to a year after the initial treatment.


Prices starts from: £250

At Dr Rasha’s Clinic in London, we offer microneedling treatment, a revolutionary solution to various skin concerns. Whether you’re dealing with acne scarring, sun damage, sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, or stretch marks, Microneedling can help rejuvenate your skin. This innovative treatment employs tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries, igniting your body’s natural healing response and leading to natural skin rejuvenation.

Pyramid Facial

Prices starts from: £1200

Embrace the allure of age-defying beauty without the need for surgery. Tailored to combat the telltale signs of aging on the face and neck, this treatment caters to all skin types. Revel in the remarkable reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, as it simultaneously revitalizes your complexion, delivering a naturally lifted and tightened skin appearance


Prices starts from: £500

Emface at Dr Rasha’s Clinic in London offers a non-invasive solution meticulously designed to enhance facial muscle tone and strength. Utilizing high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, this procedure stimulates muscle contractions, resulting in a lifted appearance without injections. This is a great option for those worried about needles but looking for a way to combat common aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin as well as loss of muscle tone.

emface treatment completed on a beautiful woman


Prices starts from: £1000

Discover the transformative power of Exosomes at Dr Rasha’s Clinic in London, where cellular restoration meets cutting-edge regenerative medicine. Our Exosomes treatment harnesses the natural potential of these microscopic messengers, released by cells, particularly stem cells, to activate your body’s cells with the vibrancy and efficiency of youth.


Prices starts from: £800

At Dr. Rasha’s Clinic in London, we proudly offer Profhilo®, an advanced skin remodelling treatment designed to enhance skin tone, texture, and inner moisture, leading to radiant, youthful skin. Profhilo® is a revolutionary solution for revitalizing aging skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin—natural proteins essential for skin’s elasticity, hydration, and repair. This remarkable treatment harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid (HA) to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful appearance.


Prices starts from: £350

Dr Rasha’s Clinic in London offers Mesotherapy, a versatile treatment for your face, body, and hair. This procedure involves the precise injection of a customized blend of powerful vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic acid into the skin’s lower layers. Mesotherapy stimulates the production of fresh collagen, leading to rejuvenated, more youthful skin.



Prices starts from: £125

Uncover the transformative skincare experience at Dr. Rasha’s Clinic in London with the HydraFacial. This treatment is expertly tailored to address specific skin concerns and deliver optimal results, providing a comprehensive and personalized skincare solution. Elevate your skincare routine with the HydraFacial and experience a new level of rejuvenation.

BDR Rejuvenating Facial

Prices starts from: £350

At Dr. Rasha’s Clinic in Knightsbridge, experience the BDR Rejuvenating Facial, a signature treatment by BDR (Beauty Defect Repair), a renowned skincare brand celebrated for its professional skincare products and treatments. This luxurious facial is expertly designed to address a spectrum of skin concerns, delivering a revitalized and youthful appearance.

BDR Acne Facial

Prices starts from: £250

Here at Dr Rasha Clinic we aim at providing the most innovative methods to help treat all skin concerns. The BDR approach lies in balancing sebum production, stopping hyperkeritanisation, eliminating flare-ups,& killing acne bacteria whilst also animating the skins immune system and restoring barrier function.


Prices starts from: £1000

Our Cosmelan treatment, a professional skincare solution, is meticulously designed to combat hyperpigmentation, melasma, and various skin discolorations that may have been obscuring your natural radiance. Discover the transformative power of Cosmelan and embark on a journey toward a more even, radiant complexion.

Dr Levy Bespoke Facial

Prices starts from: £295

Experience a remarkable transformation in your facial contours, skin tone, and texture with The Contour Pro by Dr. Levy, fostering a radiant and healthy complexion. Its ergonomic design facilitates a comprehensive 360-degree application, effectively addressing all facial angles to seamlessly diminish the visible signs of aging. Crafted with three cutting-edge beauty technologies, this innovative product visibly lifts the cheekbones, brows, and jawline for a revitalised appearance.

Obagi Blue Radiance Peel

Prices starts from: £180

At Dr Rasha’s Clinic in London, our Obagi Blue Peel Radiance is a beloved choice for skin rejuvenation. This chemical peel offers a simple, fast, and effective way to achieve radiant skin. It is a superficial peel designed for gentle exfoliation and rejuvenation.

The Obagi Blue Radiance Peel is suitable for various skin types and concerns, making it versatile and accommodating for all. With minimal preparation required, it can even be carried out during your lunch break, leaving you with a glowing complexion to return to work.

Semi-Permanent Make Up

Prices starts from: £800

At Dr. Rasha’s Clinic in Knightsbridge, our semi-permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, is an innovative cosmetic procedure that involves applying pigments to the skin’s surface to enhance or replicate the look of makeup. Unlike traditional makeup that requires daily application and removal, semi-permanent makeup is designed to provide enduring results, typically lasting from several months to a few years before gradually fading.


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