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At Dr Rasha Clinic, we take great pride in introducing you to our exceptional team of professionals. Our dedicated and highly skilled team, led by the renowned Dr. Rasha, is committed to providing you with the highest standard of care and aesthetic expertise.

With a collective passion for enhancing natural beauty and ensuring patient satisfaction, the Dr Rasha Clinic team is here to guide you on your aesthetic journey. Get to know the individuals who make every visit to our clinic a personalized and transformative experience below.

Dr Rasha

Dr Rasha Rahkshani, a highly esteemed cosmetic doctor in London, has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of aesthetics. Born in Kuwait and educated in both Australia and the UK, she brings a unique blend of cultural diversity and medical expertise to her practice. 

Driven by her artistic sensibilities and a deep love of the arts, she found her true calling in aesthetic medicine, where she harmoniously combines her medical knowledge with an innate flair for beauty. Dr Rasha is not only recognised for her incredible results but also her dedication to helping patients achieve their beauty goals; earning her a global following with clients coming from across the world to see her. 

Dr Sara

Dr Sara, a dedicated aesthetic doctor, embarked on her journey at Kuwait University, graduating in 2017. Her diverse experience includes rotations in internal medicine, surgery and gynaecology before she found her calling in surgical excellence at a leading London hospital.

Driven by a familial artistic legacy, she seamlessly blends creativity and medicine. Dr Sara’s meticulous eye and holistic approach define her practier, as she not only discussed treatments, but also empowers her patients with lifestyle enhancements. Her holistic methods for body, skin and facial aesthetics have garnered a devoted following who approached her dedication to their happiness. 


I’m Stefania, born and raised in Italy. My career as a facialist and masseuse began in Milan in 2006, and in 2012, I moved to London where I continued to passionately pursue my profession.

My goal in my job is to help my patients to feel great within their skin .

Outside of work, I enjoy nature walks, meditation, and prioritizing my overall well-being. Working on my energy and personal growth is what motivates me to be a better person every day.


I’m Aleksandra Kolis, a certified laser therapist with over 20 years of experience in aesthetics. I specialize in treating skin issues like acne, rosacea, scarring, pigmentation, and aging skin, consistently delivering excellent results.

I’m known for my ability to put clients at ease with detailed treatment explanations and tailor-made solutions.

Beyond my work, I have a passion for music and love playing the piano and classical guitar.

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Certified from Phi Academy London, Rawa is specialized in PMU (Permanent Makeup). She is particularly popular with her clients (in the UK and internationally) in microblading and lip blush. 

She has also acquired her training and certification in aesthetic treatments in facials, microneedling, lipofirm and neogen treatments from an academy in London. 

Despite having a master’s degree in biomedical sciences, she chose to direct her path into the aesthetics field like her sisters.

Our Support Team

georgina operations manager

Operations Manager


I hold over 15 years’ experience in clinical operations. I started my career as a qualified practitioner and beauty therapy lecturer before moving into clinic and regional management, working with well-known medical aesthetic brands and establishments.

 I’m here to ensure our patients are constantly delivered a 5*of service in a safe and welcoming environment and ensuring the smooth running of our daily operations. However, outside of work I also like to take time to travel alongside spending time with my dog Charlie, the perfect travel buddy! 

jennie clinic manager headshot

Clinic Manager


Hi, my name is Jennie. I’ve been in the beauty and aesthetics industry for over 16 years. I first started my career journey as a practical beauty therapist performing luxury spa treatments which I enjoyed whilst also business management which moved my career into helping clinics in more of a behind the scenes role.

My role here is to ensure that all our clients are having the best possible experience whilst with us. During my spare time I enjoy travelling and spending time with my friends.

I look forward to seeing you all in clinic!


aimee marketing manager headshot

Marketing Manager


Hi, my name is Aimee and I’m the Marketing Manager with Dr Rasha Clinic. I’m super excited to be working with such an innovative and beloved team in London. Whenever I’ve been in clinic the appreciation from clients after treatments makes my job of showing the world what we can do even more rewarding.

Outside of work, I love going on long walks/hiking with my puppy and partner, I’m a massive foodie (so suggestions for places to try are always welcome) and I ride a motorbike on track days/summer.

Front of House Manager


My name is Marian and I am the Front Of House Manager at the Dr Rasha clinic.  

I have a special relationship with all of the ladies in the clinic and I like to see us as more than just colleagues, but a little family.  

We all collectively value every one of the clients that walk through our door, and our aim is to ensure every client feels like a VIP.

angelika patient coordinator

Patient Coordinator


My name is Angelika and I am the Patient Coordinator at Dr Rasha clinic. Working with Dr Rasha and Dr Sara, gives me the best opportunity to evolve in the aesthetic industry as a future practitioner.

I enjoy direct interaction with our patients and I make sure their journey is continuously reassured, supported and armed with knowledge.

Dr Rasha Logo

Front of House


My name is Ria, I am Front of House at Dr Rasha Clinic. 

The best part about my job is working with the doctors and meeting all the lovely patients and ensuring that they have a wonderful and welcoming time at the clinic.

rahath headshot, black t shirt and jewellery

Marketing Assistant


My Name is Rahath, I’m the marketing assistant at Dr Rasha Clinic.

I really enjoy improving the social aspect of the business to ensure all patients are well educated and informed on all treatments available.

In my free time I like to be involved in all things creative.


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